Empowering Human Capital Through Tech

For decades, HR professionals have been relying on technologies that help raise productivity and increase efficiency. Su-Ette was founded with how we envision the future of HR roles. Creating technologies that are humanistic and intuitive for our talents to love their HR experience and move the HR profession forward.

We create human machines aka artificially intelligent chatbots. Our other core offerings include building Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and building AI-Layers on giving business intelligent insights. We are bringing enterprise grade artificial intelligence to serve HR by delivering additional digital workforce to the function and business.

1.) Bespoke Built Human Machines – Coded from scratch, we will deploy Smart bots for businesses to address their business needs. From RPAs, AI-Layers for insights to Intelligent Smart Bot (Transactional Bots), we build and deploy for you, even if the need to deposit our technologies into your internal servers or enterprise cloud. Integrating into your existing HRMS systems comes standard as we deliver your customized, turn-key AI solutions.

2.) Build your own HR Bots – Understanding that upfront customization projects might not be for all, you can subscribe to our Bot development platform to build and deploy your HR bots. Simple and intuitive bot management platform allows you to easily take the first step to start your Smart Bot deployment journey.