People matter.

Swingvy is an online automation platform that provides payroll, benefits, human resource, and integration services for employers and employees. Swingvy offers employee benefits which include medical insurance and manage integration services, and access to employees for processing payroll from web-enabled devices such as smartphones and tablets. It also provides access to employees to browse their previous pay stubs, review their payroll forms and verify their personal details about their pay, tax payments and federal forms filing services and support services.

Key features

  • Employee Directory- A centralized, system of record for your employees data.
  • Employee Self Service- Let employees update HR matters on their own.
  • Employee Profiles-Make customized employee profiles that fit your company.
  • Employee On/Offboarding- Automate your on/offboarding process.
  • Organization Chart-Find your coworkers and see where they fit in.
  • Custom Reporting- Generate custom HR report of your employees.
  •  Leave Application- Request and manage your leave in a few clicks.
  • Custom Leave Policy- Make your own leave policy as needed.
  • Leave Report- Export your leave report anytime you'll need them.
  • Company Calendar- Track key events—birthdays, leave etc—on the company calendar.
  • Performance Management- Manage all goals and configure custom review.
  • Company Announcement- Post and share company's announcement with everyone.

Why Choose Swingvy 

  • Save Time by reducing 80% of paperwork compared to manual HR practices.
  • Save Cost by saving thousands of $ every year compared to legacy HR software.
  • Easy to Use Intuitive and beautiful user interface that all your employees will love.