Creating peopleMAGIC

Synergita is a cloud-based, Continuous Employee Performance Management, Development & Employee Engagement Software that creates an extraordinary culture where employees unleash their potential, set new standards of excellence and create wonders. We call it peopleMAGIC. Synergita is simple, intuitive and easy to use with little or no training.

Synergita enables organization to manage employee information, set clear and measurable goals, track and monitor employees’ progress, review on competencies and performance, engage & recognize employees through continuous feedback, conduct 360-degree feedback, recommend skill training for employees, perform employee engagement surveys, send corporate communication emails, measure core values, provide HiPo rating, get complete analytics and more.

Synergita‘s customizable visual dashboard illustrates the current state of performance activities and trends. Synergita provides 35+ operations and analytics reports to support business decisions. Excellent user interface with visual aesthetics is our specialty.

Synergita is highly sophisticated and can be integrated with the existing HRIS. It can import employee data from multiple disparate sources easily. The integration with other systems can be done with APIs.

Synergita is i18 compliant and can be easily adapted to various languages. All the building blocks of internationalization and localization are in place.

Synergita is a CODiE 2014 & 2017 Finalist under Best Human Capital / Talent Management category and Winner of Microsoft Code for Honor 2014 under Software for Large Enterprises category. Synergita is also the winner of ISV award 2016 & Asia’s Human Resources Vendors Award 2017 Singapore.

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