Collaborative and Mobile Learning Platform



Collaborative and Mobile Learning Platform

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Online & Mobile Learning Platform to create learning engagement, deliver multimedia content, conduct online assessments & track completion


Teamie enables online, mobile or blended learning for organizations and helps make trainings more engaging, accessible and efficient.

Teamie enables customers by:

  1. Training Registration & Credits – Teamie allows learners to sign up for modules that are made available by the company, and track their Training Credits or CPD Hours through the platform
  2. Create Learning Communities – Use Teamie to post announcements, share ideas and best practices and learn from each other
  3. Deliver Rich Multimedia Content – Use Teamie to take your existing training resources such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel or PDF files, or Videos or SCORM or Tin Can content (created using Articulate or Captivate or other tools) and deliver seamlessly through Teamie. Teamie is also LTI compliant and can integrate with other content and learning services
  4. Assess Learning – Use Teamie to create auto-graded quizzes, get learners to submit documents as evidence of learning, and assess on-the-job evaluations through checklists on Teamie
  5. Tracking & Certifications – With Teamie, you can define module completion rules, and easily track who has completed the different learning activities and the modules. Learners will be able to download a certificate upon completion of a module as well.
  6. Gamification – Reward participation of users in the learning process by giving points and badges for their learning actions.
  7. Anytime Anywhere Learning – Teamie is accessible through any standard web browser and native iOS and Android Mobile Apps that push reminders and notifications to users that helps them stay on track of their training tasks.
  8. Learning Analytics – Teamie offers analytics to help trainers identify which areas learners are struggling in, which activities learners have not completed, and slice that data based on location or department (or other meta that can be made available during setup). Reports on Credits/CPD completion as well as usage dashboards.
  9. Rich Content Library – Teamie integrates with GO1, which is one of the largest content libraries and offers variety of content for different industries and job functions from a multitude of sources, and becomes seamlessly accessible from within Teamie.
  10. Single Sign-On & Integrations – Teamie can enable single sign-on experience for users with a variety of authentication providers such as Active Directory, Okta, OneLogin, Office365, Google Apps, etc. Teamie can also build integrations with HRIS systems or other data platforms to pull and push information. Teamie has its own set of APIs as well that allow for user data to be pushed to Teamie. Teamie also integrates with other services such as Zoom, WebEx, SkillSoft, GO1, etc.


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