Feb 16 2022

Screen-in Talent, Don't Screen Them Out

“X0PA AI to Support Enterprises in the “Great Hiring” by Avoiding Unconscious Bias. ”

by  Sriram Iyer, Founder & CEO, hrtech.sg

hrtech.sg's Tech Talks focuses on engaging with HR & HRTech Subject Matter Experts to unearth trends & insights in the realm of HR Technology.

In this edition, we talk to Nina Alag Suri, X0PA AI

Nina Alag Suri is the Founder and CEO of X0PA AI. Nina comes from an Engineering background with a Degree in Electronics and telecommunications and has been managing and running businesses in the HR space for more than 20 years. She originally founded an executive search company, Nastrac Group, back in 1997 which she successfully ran for 20 years. It was through this venture that she realized the inefficiencies and subjectivity of traditional hiring processes and thus decided to pivot to an AI and ML-based platform with X0PA AI in 2017.  Since then, Nina has grown X0PA AI to have launched 5 successful products and has built a presence across 4 regions, namely Singapore (its headquarters), India, UK and more recently UAE.

During my discussion with Nina, we discussed on the following aspects:

  • Key trends driving the accelerated adoption of HRTech?
  • The recent “Series A” Funding Round of $4.2 mn.
  • Where are the funds being invested in?
  • What’s next in the product roadmap for X0PA AI?
  • What’s the market expansion plan for X0PA AI?

Watch the exclusive TechTalk video to know more!

Sriram Iyer is a Human Resources practitioner with around two decades of experience in the areas of HR Technology, Workforce Planning & Strategy, Talent Supply Chain, Employee Engagement, Talent Branding and Acquisition & Client Management. Based in Singapore since Jan 2012, he has strong exposure to the JAPAC region and has a knowledge of the cultural nuances of the region. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, he has also played leadership roles with NCS (Singtel Group Enterprise) and Nasdaq-listed Cognizant Technology Solutions in Singapore, running large scale talent initiatives across regions. He is a proud alumnus of National University of Singapore (Singapore) and Symbiosis Institute of International Business (India).

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Nina Alag Suri


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