The Talent Games

Bringing Science & Fun to the Art of Recruitment

The Talent Games offers gamified recruitment solutions that are neuroscience-based and driven by Artificial Intelligence. We make game-based assessments for companies to use them as their pre- screening tool. Employers find it easier to uncover the top talent using our gamified recruitment platform.

Services we offer are segmented into two categories:
  • Customized Games
  • C-Factor Platform

We offer customized solutions to companies that are looking to enhance their employer brand and promote their work culture.

C-Factor is the flagship product of The Talent Games, which is a single platform where multiple organizations can own a piece of land in the C-Land. C-Factor uses assessments that are science-based and competency-based. Candidates are evaluated for their cognitive abilities and psychometric profiles.

C-Factor is a cutting-edge gamified recruitment platform which leverages social media, artificial intelligence, proprietary algorithms, and advanced analytics.


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