The Talent Games

Bringing Science & Fun to the Art of Recruitment


The Talent Games

Bringing Science & Fun to the Art of Recruitment

Product Highlights

  1. AI-driven Gamified Assessments
  2. Gamified Platform for Bulk Hiring of Millennials
  3. Neuroscience-based Recruitment Games

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The Talent Games
The Talent Games
The Talent Games
The Talent Games

Product Summary

AI-driven online gamified assessments for bulk recruitment


The Talent Games is an HR Tech company that pioneers in gamified recruitment solutions, ideally for bulk recruitment of Millennial and Gen-Z candidates. We have catered to 45+ clients across Asia, Oceania, Africa, and Europe with now 300,000+ candidate assessments to our name. For the past 5 years, we've been empowering organizations in building their employer brand, reducing cost-to-hire, saving a lot of time, and above all, uncovering top talent with data analytics.

As a gamified assessment firm, we have two products as our offering:

  • Customized Recruitment Game

Our customized recruitment games are built from scratch by incorporating your branding collaterals, competency framework, workspace environments and fully customized immersive storyline – all within the game.

  • C-Factor Assessment Platform

C-Factor solution is our standardized gamified assessment platform that companies use to assess unlimited candidates by picking up competencies from our library. A full C-Factor game will only take 72 hours to set up since there is no customization needed.

We help organizations attract, engage and assess top candidates remotely. Our gamified assessments are powered by AI and neuroscience that assess candidates for their: Cognitive Abilities, Aptitude, and Behavior.

Our gamified hiring platform can be integrated with most of the applicant tracking systems. We have developed anti-cheating tools and features like facial recognition, game auto-locking, and more. The Talent Games hosts its hiring games on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and can be played on all devices.

More Products/Services:

  • Gamified Internship Programs
  • Gamified Management Trainee Programs
  • Virtual Graduate Recruitment Programs
  • Virtual Assessment Centers
  • Social Media Employer Branding
  • End-2-End Recruitment

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