Daily Bite-sized Coaching - Anytime, Anywhere



Daily Bite-sized Coaching - Anytime, Anywhere

Product Highlights

  1. ThoughtFull partners with businesses to deliver end-to-end mental wellbeing solutions to enhance employees’ wellbeing.
  2. Enhance your employees’ resilience with learning modules, personalized coaching and science-backed assessment tools.
  3. Build a resilient and productive workforce via sustainable mental health goals, strategies and support.

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Product Summary

ThoughtFullChat is an app that provides access to mental health coaches, learning & assessment tools anytime, anywhere.


ThoughtFullChat is an innovative digital mental health solution to help employers build a resilient and productive workforce by delivering personalized, proactive, and preventive mental wellbeing solutions to employees.

We empower users to proactively engage with their mental health earlier rather than later through our curated science-backed self-serve tools and personalized 1-on-1 daily bite-sized coaching with certified mental health professionals anytime, anywhere.

Through our three main app features - LEARN, CHAT and GROW, there is something for every employee, regardless of their readiness to engage with their mental health.

LEARN features curated evidence-based self-driven content that is designed in a mixed-media format to equip employees with knowledge and tools to build mental resilience.

  • Bite-sized Guided Learning on various areas such as stress, anxiety and depression
  • Actionable Quick Tools such as guided imagery and breathing exercises

CHAT features a personalized 1-on-1 daily bite-sized coaching platform that is discreet, secure and proactive.

  • Our algorithm provides an instant matching to the top 3 best-fit mental health coaches so that you don’t have to worry about finding a good fit
  • Diverse network of professionals that are all licensed counsellors, clinical psychologists or licensed psychologists.
  • Professionals will proactively check in with employees daily and employees can text or send audio messages anytime, anywhere.
  • CHAT functions on an asynchronous basis and professionals will respond within 24-hours (working hours Monday - Friday, excluding public holidays).

GROW features several tracking tools with gamified streaks to engage with users. This allows for real-time feedback from their mental health professional and a smooth transition to the next levels of care.

  • Clinical Assessment (DASS-21) for employees to track their Depression, Stress and Anxiety levels, to better understand their emotional health.
  • Mood Journal allows employees to track their mood patterns and triggers over time so that they can proactively engage with their wellbeing and have a better understanding of their emotional needs.
  • Guided Thought Journal includes prompts for employees to reflect on, which has been significantly proven to reduce depression and anxiety.

After using ThoughtFullChat, our clients have shown statistically significant improvements in stress and anxiety scores after only 1 month.

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