Build on Python skills with projects



Build on Python skills with projects

Product Highlights

  1. Learned Python and data science through a short course? Enhance your existing skills through application and practice
  2. Experience the full data project cycle from data collection all the way to machine/deep learning modelling
  3. Carefully and lovingly designed projects to get you out of your comfort zone, and help you grow

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Product Summary

UpLevel helps Python and data science learners improve their coding skills with hands-on training projects.


UpLevel upskills your teams with data science projects, from beginner visualization tasks to advanced deep learning projects. The projects are carefully designed to help existing learners experience a full project cycle, from data collection to data cleaning to machine/deep learning modelling.

The projects also help learners develop and practise hard skills such as coding, and soft skills such as problem-solving and algorithmic thinking.

We are most suited for companies that have:
  • Provided short courses in Python and/or data science for employees
  • Enrolled on data science learning platforms for employees
  • Employees that have learned Python/data science on their own
Most of the time, a learner goes through a short course, e.g., on Coursera, Udemy, DataCamp, learning providers. While the learner has some technical skills, there is not a lot of opportunity for further structured learning. A new learner may not have the experience or confidence to work on independent projects, be it at the workplace or for personal interest.

UpLevel solves that by providing a catalog of projects for learners of all levels. General outcomes for companies that choose UpLevel:
  • Increase in confidence to tackle workplace problems through coding
  • Increase in coding proficiency to unlock value in company's existing data
  • Discover and develop talent in non-coding departments
Think of us as the last mile for an employee's learning journey.

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