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Established in 2016, Urbanhire believes recruitment can be more efficient and we want to help companies get the candidates they will like. Recruitment is a strategic issue and when done right it can be a significant competitive advantage. We inject the values we uphold most like technological excellence, collaboration and people empowerment to design a recruiting software that just works in the new economy. We’re excited to support the amazing teams at growing companies especially in our home markets of Indonesia and Asia.

We’re proud that we’ve built a cool product that allows companies to inspire and make their culture visible. We don’t believe in boring and transactional job posts when sourcing tech-savvy millennials. We dreamt of powerful, yet easy-to-use, software that hands back control to the companies and allow sharing jobs everywhere from a single account.

We make intuitive candidate filtering like social networks, and provide facilities to deploy before/after application assessment. In finding the right talent Urbanhire gives authority to teamwork

Product offering includes:

Online Assessment Solutions: Our online assessments allow companies to streamline their hiring process by finding the right candidates faster which includes Pre-assessment questions, Online Assessment Tool and Analytics & Reporting

End-to-End recruitment Platform: Strengthen the candidate's screening and filtering to accelerate the recruitment process. We use intelligent technology that enables better compatibility between requirements and talent that helps in Attracting candidates, enabling a collaborative recruitment process, Service Analytics & Reports and post recruitment engagement.

Human resource management software: Our centralized HRIS Dashboard can simplify the process of HR and administrative benefits.

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