Hire Fast, Hire Smart

Visume is a next-gen intelligent Applicant Tracking System that transforms the recruitment process. The integrated cloud platform uses Robotic Process Automation and AI concepts for evaluating the right candidate with the right skill for the right job.

Key Features include

  • Candidate Sourcing : Proactively source and engage passive candidates across multiple channels 
  • Smart Collaboration : Collaborative workflows across recruiters, candidates and hiring teams 
  • Candidate Engagement : Omnichannel engagement with candidates across lifecycle 
  • Smart Evaluation : AI-based evaluation of the candidate skills and aptitude 
  • Smart Automation : Smart Robotic Process Automation using set of intelligent co-pilots 
  • Collaborative Scorecard : Consolidated and collaborative scorecards across candidate lifecycle. 
  • Offer Management : Extend Applicant Tracking System functionality to manage lifecycle of offers 
  • Interactive Dashboards : Single-view dashboards and management across inbound and outbound sourcing 

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