A Better Way To Work



A Better Way To Work

Product Highlights

  1. Integrated worker network Hire from a network of prescreened workers, each with a verified historical performance record
  2. Smart scheduling: Automated shift assignment with auto replacement for when workers cancel their shift.
  3. Workforce analytics: Real time insights into worker performance and worker satisfaction.

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Product Summary

Automated workforce management solution custom built for the blue collar workforce, with a fully integrated data-driven hiring platform.


Workmate helps clients with a blue-collar workforce automate the process of getting the right workers with the right skills, to the right place at the right time. Our workforce management platform maximizes worker attendance, productivity and retention and leverages performance data to recommend the best workers to hire from our integrated worker network. With Workmate, our clients have been able to:

1. Build a more reliable workforce
 Our integrated worker network comprises over 200,000 workers across South East Asia, with actual historical performance data on each worker to know who to recommend to fill workforce gaps. Our matching algorithm sifts through 50+ data points to find the right worker for that job and reduces the time it takes to recruit new workers.

2. Hit productivity targets with peace of mind
 The automated shift assignment feature allows managers to schedule their entire roster at the click of a button. Workers immediately receive a notification and confirm their availability through the app, giving managers a heads up on future fulfilment rates. If a worker drops out unexpectedly, the system automatically finds a replacement worker to ensure no targets were missed and optimize attendance rates.

3. Get timesheets that save you time
Through the seamless in-app QR clock-in system, on-ground supervisors can clock workers in and out without having to worry about time fraud. Approved attendances instantly get sent to finance or HR for approval. Since using Workmate, our clients have reported an 80% reduction in reported timesheet disputes which helps free up valuable time for HR managers to focus on higher-value tasks. Workers get paid the right amount on time, every time.

 4. Get real-time visibility across locations
Operations and HR managers have access to real-time dashboards that track the cost, fulfilment and performance of their entire workforce by location, team or individual. These reports help managers instantly spot problem areas early on and know what and when to optimize for better performance and retention.

Core Product Features:
  • Integrated worker network
  • Smart scheduling
  • Time & attendance tracking
  • Workforce Analytics
  • Integrated worker app
  • Integrated supervisor app
  • System integration
  • Earned wage access (worker benefits)

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