WorkReady Professional

Your Business and Digital Partner

Transformists Network is made up of a team of passionate individuals who believes that effective human resource management would involves mindset changes, and constant two-way discussion within employees and management.

In order to execute such operation, Transformists has developed a streamlined Talent Engagement tool with SMEs in mind, for SMEs.

It is simple to use; it can be managed with little or without training. No minimum licenses required to kickstart, and it is of low cost to start with. It is not a promise to companies that hiring and firing is avoided; but it could definitely help companies manage existing workforce, and putting the right candidates in the right roles.

It is in-built with:

  1. Competency framework, KPIs, and score card
  2. Skill set (certificates) inventory
  3. Training development management system (internal & external)
  4. HR ticketing system
  5. Built-in e-learning reader

WorkReady Features:

  • Hire Strategically
  • Developed Skills Inventory as a Marketing Advantage
  • Manage Staff Administrative Task such as Leave, Claims and Payslip
  • Strategic Overview of People and Development Plans with Complete Performance Management
  • Certification Report for Compliance
  • Select and List Appointed Training Providers and Recruiters
  • Track and Manage the Development of Your People
  • Create Online Courses for Your Staff. Select, Invite and Allocate e-Learning for Staff

Companies looking for an easy to use, cost effective solution to support talent management function, look no more and WorkReady Professional Talent is for you.