X0PA (Powered by X0PA)

Enabling Workplace Happiness


X0PA (Powered by X0PA)

Enabling Workplace Happiness

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AI-based recruiter to transform the way you hire!


X0pa is an artificial intelligence-based recruiter which helps organisations improve on six key performance indicators of successful hiring – cost of hire, time to hire, quality of hire, retention of hire, diversity of hire and candidate experience of hiring.

X0pa is an easy to use, plug and play platform that uses advanced algorithms and robotic process automation to predict cv to job matching as well as candidate to company matching in terms of best fit. It has a built-in video interviewing capability, Email integration for communicating seamlessly with your candidates, Source candidates from multiple sources including LinkedIn and send to RoboRoy easily, Automatic candidate scheduling and GDPR compliance It not only has a Recruiter dashboard for recruiters to track progress but also Candidate dashboard to keep candidates updated and engaged!

X0pa can transform the way you hire! It can help you reduce the time to hire by 87.5%, 400% improvement in cv screening, 50% savings in cost to hire and significant improvement in employee retention rates!

X0PA AI offers solutions for

  • Enterprise : X0PA AI’s objective AI driven platform through its Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Video Analytics helps predict the best fit between hiring companies and individual talents with its patented Loyalty and Performance predictive scoring. 
  • Academia : X0PA’s AI platform helps ensure grads are matched to jobs they are most suitable for with its unique Capability and Compatibility predictive scoring. 
  • Government : X0PA AI’s hiring platform works at government and public sector levels to offer objective selection capabilities to its organisations or education institutes. 
  • Job Seekers : X0PA AI’s platform helps job seekers find the jobs they are best qualified as well as most suited for to ensure optimum results for jobseekers and employers. 
  • Students : X0PA AI ensures university grads get equal hiring opportunities and are matched to jobs they are best suited for beyond just GPAs and grades. 


Ai recruiter

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robotic process recruiter


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