Power your business with people motivation

We are a SaaS commerce company that helps build an engaged and happy workforce. Our mission is to build technology products to help the workforce be Aligned, Motivated & Empowered.

Here is our product portfolio.
  • Xoxoday for Employees: Helps HRs and CXOs build engaged and happy employees
  • Xoxoday for Channel Partners: Helps channel managers create an engaged distributor and retail partner network
  • Xoxoday for Rewards: Helps organizations implement rewards and recognition programs at scale

Xoxoday's Empuls product helps HR leaders, CHROs, and CXOs to effortlessly execute key activities such as award workflows, budget automation, industry-endorsed surveys, and OKRs. With key features such as communication feeds, messaging, groups the software equips employees to engage meaningfully with their peers, and proactively participate in building a culture of collaboration while staying motivated and aligned. Empuls is plug-n-play, highly scalable, easy to use, and help achieve tangible business outcomes.

Employee engagement

Employee rewarding