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Digital Adoption Platform

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  1. Digital Adoption Platform
  2. AI Learning and Onboarding
  3. Change Management

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Product Summary

We teach employees how to adopt digital solutions.


YesElf is a powerful platform, for providing personalized and predictive step-by-step walkthroughs for any enterprise software (like ERP, CRM or HCM) which makes employees more efficient without any additional personal training at right time by applying artificial intelligence and user behaviour analysis. YesElf is changing the future of the employee onboarding, engagement and the adoption of digital products.

Utilizing machine learning capability YesElf can be trained on how to use any software application, integrated into any web-based or mobile application, can teach employees how to use enterprise software application using guides or walkthroughs. YesElf has analytics backend based on big data and it can evaluate user behaviour and identify if the user needs guidance before he/she gets frustrated or leaves the application.

YesElf targets a B2B segment. Our product is intended mainly for large companies which need to increase employee productivity and reduce expenses for onboarding process, training or support.

Explore the innovative features of the YesElf platform, through which you can create and edit onboarding guides even with no programming skills.

How YesElf can help 

  • Increase your employees’ efficiency: Join the group of companies with more productive staff and faster learners in terms of internal processes thanks to the adequate induction.
  • Reduce training costs: Upgrade your staff’s qualification in a more cost-saving way from the long term. After all, the hiring and training costs equals to their 6-months’ salary. 
  • Reduce support costs: Do not let your employees constantly rely on support hotline and make them self-reliant and efficient experts in their fields.
  • Company insights: Discover the problematic parts of your software and check up on analytical figures which will reveal if the user onboarding has been of benefit for your staff.

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