Happy employees, happier businesses



Happy employees, happier businesses

Product Highlights

  1. Manage Your Workforce - Keep HR and compliance simple
  2. Engage Your People - Enhance business productivity
  3. Retain Your Talent - Increase employee satisfaction

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Product Summary

All-in-one Employee Engagement and Employment Lifecycle Management Platform.


Yuvo offers a simple SAAS based B2B2E solution which combines inhouse and best-of-breed API partnered solutions across HRIS, Recruitment, Workflow Management, Internal Communication Systems, Insurance, Health and Wellness, Rewards, Deals and a Digital Wallet. The Yuvo solution helps companies to ensure compliance, retain talent, increase productivity and increase employee engagement while still saving significant monies compared to their current spend.

Yuvo provides 3 solutions for Managing, Engaging and Retaining your workforce

Manage Your Workforce

Recruit, seamlessly onboard, train, measure & improve employee performance — all in one platform.

Key Benefits

  • All your payroll, leave, claims and employee protocol at your fingertips
  • Enable an incredible experience for new employees right from recruitment to their first day of work
  • Use AI-based recruitment and data analytics for the right hires
  • Know your KPI
  • Choose from global standard customizable HR templates
  • Paperless self-onboarding for all essential employee documents and information with our onboarding module, all through your phone

Engage Your People

Use our workflows, communications systems and secure platform to make your team more productive, sharper and profitable.

Key Benefits

  • Chat and form groups easily with internal chat groups
  • Assign and receive tasks from team mates to complete individual and team goals
  • Track employee performance based on real data, tied to their KPIs and corporate goals
  • Edit documents in real-time, hassle-free
  • Quick visualization of members and structure of the organization with our Organization Chart
  • Reports and data-driven insights that build on the strengths of team, and point out areas for improvement

Retain Your Talent

Retain employees by rewarding them with their own personalized lifestyle and healthcare perks and savings.

Key Benefits

  • Save as you spend
  • Earn cashback savings credited to your personal account when you shop. We work with hundreds of retailers and merchants to provide you with competitive discounts and cashback.
  • Company and employees both enjoy savings on personal & corporate insurance & medical bills
  • Spend only on what employees actually want
  • Be flexible — give your employees the joy and freedom to choose how to spend their allocated company benefits budget from their Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Comprehensive medical benefits and robust insurance coverage for them, no matter the size of your company.

Yuvo Features include

  • Modern HR Integrated System (HRIS)
  • Paperless Employee Onboarding
  • Payroll & Leave Management
  • AI-Based Recruitment
  • KPI Tracker
  • Integrated Performance Manager
  • YuvoDrive
  • YuvoChat
  • Workflow Manager
  • Rewards, Perks & Cashback

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