The Intelligent Platform for Executing plans. Faster.

Zippi by PeopleStrong is an intelligent platform that helps sales and operating teams to execute their revenue plans faster. It empowers organizations to manage their Key Results, execution of tasks, and their alignment with the business goals in a single platform.

Not just that with Jinie (Chatbot) onboard, it helps organizations to nudge the sales teams for timely completion of any activity or task tagged to them and also provides easy access to all essential collaterals.

Zippi does this by leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence, secure and contextual conversations, seamless data and information sharing, and a robust goal management framework that can help in driving the sales team's productivity.

Zippi's robust integration framework ensures that teams can access anything they might need for executing plans faster. It can integrate seamlessly with all systems of records – be it your Sales CRMs, HRMS, ERPs, Microsoft Office, Teams, etc.

Zippi's Key Features include :  

Key Results:

  • Assign KPIs for individuals or teams, which are aligned to company objectives.
  • Get real time visibility on KPI achievement
  • Check-in on the go and keep everyone posted on the progress.
  • Define clear accountability for KPI and related tasks.

Task Management:  

  • Create tasks linked to your KPI and track them on the go.
  • Collaborate for achieving goals by creating and tracking group tasks.
  • Have contextual conversations on tasks.
  • Create your own to-do list and track it to closure.


  • Get in touch with any of your colleagues without having to save their contact details.
  • Converse with teams distributed across functions, time zones with ease.
  • Share important documents, media, or information within the relevant groups securely.
  •  Enjoy the power of auto-managed groups and forget adding or removing users manually

AI Assistant, Jinie:

  • Experience the superpowers of AI that nudges you to achieve more.
  • Enable your sales teams with toolkit of relevant information on the go - Pitches, Case Studies, Offers, Incentive policy and FAQs
  • Access all the relevant information from all systems- Connect with all your CRM. ERP, HR systems and calendars


  • Get clear visibility of goals, tasks, and their completion status.
  • Access the CEO dashboard, for pressing tasks which are overdue or goals where execution is delayed
  • Contribute to top conversations which need your inputs